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Turbosmart is a world leading Australian manufacturer in performance accessories for forced induction vehicles for both the professional motorsports and aftermarket (street) industries.

The Challenge

Our partnership with Turbosmart began in early 2018 to redesign and develop a user-friendly, modern eCommerce website where users can easily access product information including; where to purchase, technical information, news and releases and after-sales support.

Through our digital marketing efforts, we were able to help Turbosmart reach its target audience and attract potential clients in different regions, improve customer service interactions, and effectively grow its business. The site was successfully launched in October 2018 to coincide with the SEMA premier trade annual event.

Three blow-off valves

What we did (Solution):

  • Responsive website redesign to support modern design principles and best practices
  • Create a more user friendly and more visual products with improved and well organised content and filtering
  • Integration between NetSuite ERP, WooCommerce and Wordpress CMS
  • Consolidation of existing multiple sites hosted separately under different domains into one domain for better SEO and Google ranking
  • eCommerce ‘online shop’ solution for automation of sales of Turbosmart’s automotive products and merchandise
  • Optimise conversions from lead to sales

Responsive & style update

Having worked extensively with Turbosmart throughout the years, we collaborated on adding features to the site to ensure the user experience is enhanced and a refresh of the website to move Turbosmart as an industry leader. Our recent collaborations included:

  • Visual upgrade of static pages
  • Setup of E-store & filter fields
  • Car finder (Allows to search products by vehicle compatibility)
  • Turbosmart Dealership finder (Allows users to search for Turbosmart product vendors & distributors)
  • News
Mobile devices browsing Turbosmart products
A collection of turbosmart UI elements

Elementor components

  • Including changing all components into editable Elementor version and creation of template straps
Arrow Right
Arrow Right
Find a dealer mobile web pageArrow RightFind a dealer mobile map finderArrow RightMobile closest dealer page

Product Advisor & Vectors

  • Allowing users to generate products based on car specifications.
  • Design, development of pages, implementing product data, and creating a suite of product vectors.
Turbosmart product advisor page
BOV vectorBOV vector
Turbo vectorTurbo vector
Wastegate vectorWastegate vector
Engine VectorEngine Vector
Boost Gauge VectorBoost Gauge Vector
FPR VectorFPR Vector
BOV vectorBOV vector
Turbo vectorTurbo vector
Wastegate vectorWastegate vector
Engine VectorEngine Vector
Boost Gauge VectorBoost Gauge Vector
FPR VectorFPR Vector

Currency Switcher

  • Allows automatic currency switch based on global location.
mobile device browsing instructions page

HTML Documentation Conversions

  • Instructions HTML conversion
  • Allows SEO & browser translation of PDF content.


  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • UX Redesign
  • Custom Web development
  • eCommerce solution
  • CMS / ERP Platform Integrations

“Working with Hinterlands on our latest website has been a pleasure. The team met our (high) expectations, worked with us to develop unique solutions to meet our complex needs, and gave us a platform to drive our business into the future!”

Chris Milne, Group Sales & Marketing Manager

The final results

The updated site launched successfully in mid-October 2021 to coincide with the next SEMA premier trade show event in November 2021.

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