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Custom Community Development

Hinterlands transforms your Khoros Community with precision-engineered custom features, moving beyond the constraints of default platform capabilities. Our technical team excels in harnessing the Khoros API to design solutions uniquely aligned with your community's needs.

The culmination of this process includes the strategic integration of bespoke AI solutions, aimed at automating moderation and personalising member experiences, thereby significantly boosting engagement and enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

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Khoros Aurora for next-gen Communities

With the introduction of Khoros Aurora, the landscape of community platforms has undergone a significant evolution, presenting new opportunities for customisation, efficiency, and engagement. Hinterlands stands at the forefront, guiding your migration to Aurora with precision and foresight. Our expertise extends to adapting your existing customizations into Aurora's framework, ensuring a seamless transition that preserves the essence of your community while embracing innovation.

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Community theme design

Unlock the full potential of your Khoros Community with Hinterlands’ custom-tailored design and development services. Our expertise in creating bespoke, fully responsive designs ensures your platform not only matches but elevates your brand identity. By strategically integrating out-of-the-box functionalities with targeted custom solutions, we ensure you are maximising the Khoros platform and also uniquely enhancing your branded Community. This approach allows us to deliver a superior user experience that leverages the best of Khoros' capabilities, complemented by our bespoke innovations. Let us bring your vision to life with a design that's as unique as your community.

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Community Content Personalisation

Suggested content. User interests. Being able to find like-minded individuals. Shared interests. Topic influencers.

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Landing and Campaign Pages

Unique layouts, distinct from community. Tailored experiences for specific user demographics. Single dedicated purpose. Sales / sign up conversions.

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Community Customisation

Transform your Khoros Community with Hinterlands’ unparalleled customisation services, where conventional boundaries are redefined, and your platform is elevated beyond the ordinary. By fully leveraging the Khoros API, LiQL, GraphQL on Aurora, and integrating existing React/Storybook components, our team crafts custom components that not only boost your community’s functionality but also tailor the user experience to align with your unique community audience.

Our deep expertise in Khoros development allows for seamless integration with external third-party systems, including AI solutions to improve moderation, automation, curation, and personalisation. These strategic integrations broaden your community’s capabilities, fostering a richer user experience that connects your platform with essential tools and services for a thriving Community."

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Platform Consultation

Set up and deployment. Choosing a platform, community strategy. Managing upgrades, new features, regression testing. Expert consultancy, requirements feasability.

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Community Strategy & Analytics

Data Driven insights using advanced analytics AB and Multivariate experiements. Roadmap development, benchmarking, and gap analysis. Search Engine Optimisation via best practices. Customised Dashboard and Reporting. Community User Focus Testing, unlock the full potential of your Community.

Community Plus Background
Community Plus Background


Campaigns. Notifications. Automation rules. Registration conversions. Design and theming / custom email templates.

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New member Onboarding

Community Tours. User prompts and CTAs. Welcoming program. New User Introductions. Mentoring from experienced users.

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Content Migration

Seamless / Hassle-free platform migration. Advanced data mapping. Low impact to existing users. Protection of sensitive data.

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Locale based language integration. Translation implementation, language packs. Supports X number of languages. Support for RTL writing system.

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