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Telstra is Australia's leading telecommunications and technology company, offering a full range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets. In Australia, Telstra provides 17.2 million mobile services, 7.0 million fixed voice services and 3.4 million retail fixed broadband services (Telstra,2016).

Telstra's CrowdSupport, first launched in 2011, is an online forum where consumers and business customers provide peer-to-peer problem solving support and share knowledge about Telstra products and services. From 2013, Hinterlands has been assisting Telstra with implementation, development and customisation of their existing forum. In 2017 Telstra decided to do a complete makeover of Crowdsupport to align with their vision and goals. We were given the opportunity to engage in updating the look and feel of CrowdSupport visually, improve user experience across the forum and introduce development and customisations of new features, as seen online today.

Our extensive involvement in this project included discovery, design and development and implementation of CrowdSupport additional features such as updated member avatars, completely redesigned badges, streamlined boards, a new look for the Device Update Tool, a new Community Idea Exchange and a sports section dedicated to the AFL/NRL/Netball Live apps.

Service Provided

  • Customer-Experience
  • Technical-Consultancy
  • UX,Platform-consultation
  • Customisation-API
  • Front-End-Web
  • Quality-Assurance
  • Ongoing-Platform

Hinterlands is proud to be a part of this challenging and rewarding journey. Over five years now, there has been significant growth of the CrowdSupport Community; in terms of increased number of members and postings. The forum's features have evolved from a traditional Q&A forum to include innovative chat conducted by customers to answer queries and solve problems.

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