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Diabetes NSW & ACT is an organisation with a proud history of supporting people living with Diabetes. With COVID-19 impacting the way we live and socialise at a global scale, Diabetes NSW & ACT started exploring new ways to provide information online to help support and raise awareness of diabetes within the community. This initiative led to setting up the Live Your Life Community Forum so that people could connect and talk to each other online. Hinterlands worked with the Diabetes NSW & ACT team to develop a personalised theme for the Live Your Life Community Forum within the Higher Logic Platform.

The Challenge

Using the pre-existing brand and web style guides, we needed to build-out custom page layouts and components that can be integrated within Higher Logic CMS incorporated with the identity and style of the parent site. The objective was to design a rich user experience and enhanced navigation. This would present Diabetes NSW & ACT as a more reliable and trusted source of information to further emphasise the organisation's mission and vision of "supporting people living with and at risk of diabetes every step of the way".

How we helped

  • Custom theme design

  • Information Architecture (IA)

  • Development

Adapting the Diabetes NSW & ACT brand to Higher Logic

Live Your Life Community Forum has been designed with its members and supporters in mind alongside the Diabetes NSW & ACT brand personality of the being positive, every day conversational and simple, knowledgeable and experienced.
The final design is simple, clean and incorporates the brand style guide to ensure a unified and consistent look and feel as well as user experience throughout the site.
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Streamlined header navigation

The homepage structure and navigation are simplified to make it easier for members to find and participate in community discussions as well as finding helpful resources, latest news and events information.

Responsive megamenu and hamburger menu for mobile screens provides more streamlined and intuitive header menu to provide an easy navigation and better user experience.

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Custom components

Custom-designed widgets that can be easily edited from within the platform's back-end interface.

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The Final Results

The Live Your Life Community Forum launched in May 2020 exclusively for Diabetes NSW & ACT members.

Today, the Forum provides an online space for members and supporters to come together, connect and share experiences.

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